Tab Top Curtains

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Chatham Lined Tab-Top Curtains
Claret Cocoa Lake Natural Navy
$79.95 - $109.95


Create an up-to-date mood in any room with this fresh color palette. This fabric has a wonderful hand and drapes beautifully.
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Tab top curtains the other Pinch Pleated curtains are chosen for their ease of use when opening and closing curtains as well as for their decorative look. Tab top curtains are known by the tabs (tab top drapes, button curtains, tie-tab curtains, droopy tab curtains) positioned on the upper edge of the curtain. Tab top curtains and tab top drapes have loops, which are located at the top of each curtain panel, where the rod is passed through the loops. Tab top curtains look best when used with a decorator rod since the rod will be exposed through the tabs. Pinch pleated curtains and pinch pleated drapes are identified by the pleated fabric at the top of the curtain -- there is no rod pocket. Also called pleated drapes, pleated curtains, and pinch pleated drapes, they are attached to a traverse rod or decorative curtain rod with rings by using drapery hooks or curtain clip rings.