Jane and Jack Fitzpatrick

Our Founders' Story

Our founders, Jane and Jack Fitzpatrick started Country Curtains back in 1956 with just one style of curtain! It was Jack's
idea then to sell ruffled, unbleached muslin curtains by mail ... curtains that weren't

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readily available in stores. So they decided to put an ad in a Boston newspaper to see what would happen.

Jane drew sketches of the curtains, and Jack wrote the copy. And, before they knew it, orders started coming in. Jack was working with a small chain of New England retail stores, and kept that job for the first few years while Jane filled every order for Country Curtains herself ... literally from their dining room table! Every day Jane would stop at the post office to pick up the orders after their two young daughters, Nancy and Ann, went off to school. Then she would spend the morning packing the orders and often the girls would help her take the packages back to the post office to be mailed to our customers in the afternoon. As the number of orders grew, Jane's sister Zoa started helping and was her right hand for years.

Eventually, Jack began managing Country Curtains full time, as the company grew and grew. They took out more and more ads in national magazines, and their catalog evolved from a flyer, to a booklet of sketches, to the big color catalog we have today.They always believed in offering the nicest designs, the very best quality, fair and reasonable prices, and extraordinary customer service. Our New England family business tradition wouldn't have it any other way!

As our company grew ... and outgrew their dining room ... Jack and Jane bought and restored the famous old Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge and moved Country Curtains there. It wasn't long before they needed even more space, so they built a new home for Country Curtains a few miles down the road where we still are today. Because Jack started out in retailing, he always wanted a few stores. So years ago, we also formed a retail company to oversee a growing number of locations. Now there are Country Curtains shops all up and down the east coast from New Hampshire to Virginia, and from Boston to Chicago.

To attend to Jane and Jack's concern for quality, years ago we created the Housatonic Curtain Company, just six miles from Stockbridge. So many of our wonderful designs are made right there by a very talented group of seamstresses. All these years later, we are still a private family-owned company. Jane and Jack's daughters, Nancy and Ann, are still involved, and we have a marvelous staff to help us pay attention to the many details. We lost our founder Jack in July 2011 and Jane in November 2013; they always said to "carry on" and we are doing so. All of us still hold fast to the dream of serving you in the very best ways we can.