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Maybelle Regal Lined Scalloped Valance_223763
Item # 5V11131
The unique look of linen in unmistakable in this regal pattern of dramatic swirls, intricate medallions and graceful floral motifs. With a washed finish that gives the colors a softened, vintage appeal.
Delphine Floral Lined Scalloped Valance_223757
Item # 5V11121
Paisley leaves and medallion-like flowers artfully combine charm and sophistication, subtly textured in pure cotton.
Lenoxdale Toile Tie-Up Valance_222387
$44.95 - $59.95
Item # 89484
Pastoral French-country themes are elegantly played out on our Toile. We're pleased to offer it in so many styles for your home. USA Made at our own factory.


Artisan Paisley Lined Scalloped Valance_119727
Was: $59.95
Now: $41.99
Item # 5V9462-SV
Named for the Scottish town that was a major producer of richly printed textiles, paisley swirls were actually designed in 17-century India. Our lush, floral version of this enduring pattern is subtly textured and delicately detailed.
Whitney Floral Tie-Up Valance_222384
$74.95 - $84.95
Item # 891011
We love the look of a lush chrysanthemum print partnered with a super-sized check (sold separately). With overlapping colors to tie them together this combination is at once charming and sophisticated. Illustrating a rich, warm approach to boudoir wardrobing.
Bird in Paradise Lined Scalloped Valance_119728
Was: $79.95
Now: $55.99
Item # 5V9472-SV
A graceful fathered friend daintily perched on a floral branch exudes the beauty of a paradise. In a rich blend of linen and rayon with subtle texture.
Paint Palette Tie-Up Valance_119726
$109.95 - $129.95
Item # 89948
Watercolor blossoms on pure linen are artfully rendered to create a soft yet rich floral that frames your windows with a lovely garden year round.


Clara Floral Tie-Up Valance_222597
$54.95 - $59.95
Item # 89834
Wonderfully textured cotton fabric is printed on a neutral ground for understated look. Top off your windows with this belted tie-up curtain - it easily adds a simple touch at your window, great for kitchen, laundry room or bedroom.
Colebrook Tie-Up Valance_222594
$49.95 - $54.95
Item # 89481
Our stylishly chic woven check with raised accent dots brings subtle sophistication to your window. In each, there is a dominant color, complemented by an accent color, and a natural ground, affording you the opportunity to mix Colebrook with other styles and colors.


Elegant Links Tie-Up Valance_222601
Was: $59.95 - $64.95
Now: $41.99 - $59.95
Item # 89906
A modern yet classic lattice design printed on Cotton Twill will unite your spaces and enliven your rooms.
Clara Floral Layered Lined Scalloped Valance_117163
Item # 5V8342
Wonderfully textured cotton fabric is printed with a timeless flowering branch pattern on a neutral ground for understated elegance in any room. Pairs perfectly with Music Stripe for a custom look. USA Made at our own factory.
Hatfield Lined Princess Valance_116456
Item # 5V7431-PR
This woodland inspired Jacobean floral design comes alive against a creamy 100% cotton background. You'll appreciate this luxurious jacquard print.