Scalloped Valances

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Maybelle Regal Scalloped Valance
Item # 5V11131
The unique look of linen in unmistakable in this regal pattern of dramatic swirls, intricate medallions and graceful floral motifs. With a washed finish that gives the colors a softened, vintage appeal.
Delphine Floral Scalloped Valance
Item # 5V11121
Paisley leaves and medallion-like flowers artfully combine charm and sophistication, subtly textured in pure cotton.
Aviary Lined Layered Scalloped Valance
Item # 5V6201-LS
Our fine feathered friends are depicted in rich color, randomly posed on delicate grey-blue flowers and branches. The beautifully mottled fabric, scalloped silhouette and coordinating ribbed stripe buttons and fabric underlayer make this valance a truly elegant choice.


Devon Stripe Lined Scalloped Valance
Was: $69.95
Now: $47.99
Item # 50278-SV
Simply smashing, inspired by grosgrain ribbon, our jacquard stripe is a modern twist on a classic style. Its variegated stripes of green, rose and natural are printed on polished 100% cotton. Available in Black or Green.


Alexandria Lined Scalloped Valance
Item # 5V10081
Enjoy the exuberant garden at your windows year round. The lovely flowers bloom againts a linen textured background.


Weaver's Cloth Lined Trimmed Scalloped Valance
$29.99 - $42.95
Item # 5V7385-VT
Our Weaver's Cloth valance with a fabric that is firmly woven and lightly flecked is now available in a trimmed style more contemporary look!


Clara Floral Layered Lined Scalloped Valance
Item # 5V8342
Wonderfully textured cotton fabric is printed with a timeless flowering branch pattern on a neutral ground for understated elegance in any room. Pairs perfectly with Music Stripe for a custom look. USA Made at our own factory.
Stafford Floral Pleated Valance
Item # 5V10153
Saturated colors on a dark background create a look that's both sophisticated and cozy. Complex shapes an swirls have the richness of an ancient tapestry.
Woodblock Lined Scalloped Valance
Was: $59.95
Now: $41.99
Item # 5V9422-SV
A timeless decorating technique and style. Wake up your windows with this bold stencil print.

Natalie Scalloped Valance
Item # 5V10162
Swirling leaves with paisley shaping have an old-world charm that's both relaxed and refind. Pure cotton holds the rich color for a long, long time.
Harper Scalloped Valance
Item # 5V10171
Lustrous embroiderd medallions in two gracious pastel palettes have an easy elegance that elevates your windows.
Camden Stripe Lined Scalloped Valance
Was: $49.95
Now: $34.99
Item # 5V9051
Smart and stylish! Great decorator colors are paired with a crisp variegated stripe in black, white and natural on cotton twill fabric.
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