Terry Wise

Terry paints in her Stockbridge studio and her work is shown in the Berkshires at Lauren Clark Fine Art on Railroad Street in Great Barrington and at Galerie Reynard on Water Street in Williamstown, as well as by exhibit in the Northeast and Europe.

Terry Wise

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Glass and Blossom_119084
Item # BO1094-01-OT
Artist, Terry Wise's love of repeat patterns from her training in textile design and printmaking shows here in the printed wallpaper that shows through the glass bottles. A thick, smooth oil gesso has been carved to create distinctive outlines throughout the still life, and allows for multiple layers of transparent paint to resemble the glass of the bottles.
Godetias and Friends_119085
Item # BO1095-01-OT
This oil on canvas still life painting makes use of layers of block printed patterning and rich colors and textures, including found paper collage, to conjure the feeling of textiles and wall paper surrounding the wild bouquet of flowers.
Item # BO1096-01-OT
This oil on canvas painting is playful in experimenting with an unusual composition of the still life objects occupying the very top of the painting, a wall which has been block printed with a fanciful paisley pattern, and a chair in the foreground to invite the viewer in. The objects are all painted from life, but the painting has gone through various versions until it felt right, which for this artist usually means unconventional.
Table Before the Window_119087
Item # BO1097-01-OT
Artist Terry Wise has always been drawn to the genre of still life painting, and is captivated by the mid-20th century license taken with multiple perspectives and simplified forms. Still life provides not only a means of exploring composition and color, but also a chance to examine the meaning of home, relationships, scarcity and abundance. The table is sparce, but the patterned wall and tablecloth and the landscape beyond the windowpanes display a richness of beauty. The title is a tribute to a Pierre Bonnard painting.
Ruth's Yard_119088
Item # BO1098-01-OT
The view from the artist's studio in this oil on canvas painting is a fun way to enjoy the beauty of landscape while creating the feeling of home and considering the juxtaposition of inside and outside.
Little Table_119089
Item # BO1099-01-OT
Sometimes Terry's patterned surfaces are block printed onto the painting surface, but in this oil on canvas still life, the swirling pattern of wallpaper and the striped cloth are painted. The artist's textile design background and love of the tipped tabletop so common in cubist paintings of the mid-20th century is on full display here.
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