Elaine Radiss

Photography became a passion of Elaine Radiss’ later in life. Her love affair with birds expanded to the world they lived in, and she began exploring nature – studying its light, shadows, shapes, colors, and textures. First in the Berkshires, and then beyond, Elaine discovered her visual language behind the lens. Elaine’s love of photography inspires her travels to some of the world's most beautiful places.

Elaine Radiss

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Autumn in Sandisfield_119059
$300.00 - $450.00
Item # BO1030-01-OT
Photographer Elaine Radiss loves to get in her car and explore the back roads of the Berkshires in western Massachusetts, especially in the fall. In this photo, Elaine used a photoshop technique to get what she calls a painterly look.
Blue Delphinium_119060
$300.00 - $450.00
Item # BO1031-01-OT
Photograher Elaine Radiss loves to photograph her garden. She says nothing is more meditative for me than losing myself in the petal of a flower.
Fall at Benedict Pond_119061
$300.00 - $450.00
Item # BO1032-01-OT
Autumn in the Massachsetts State Forest near Elaine Radiss' home is a constant delight for her. She calls the spot a Berkshire treasure.
June Harvest in Palouse, WA_119062
$300.00 - $450.00
Item # BO1033-01-OT
Elaine says she had been hearing about the Palouse in Washingston state for years. When she finally visited the second largest wheat growing area in the world, she captured the magical designs and swirling colors in this exquisite work.
Lion Cubs, Tanzania_119063
$300.00 - $450.00
Item # BO1034-01-OT
A photographic safari to Tanzania in 2011 was a dream come true for Elaine Raddiss. Seeing these lion cubs in their natural environment, living in harmony with the earth, was a spiritual experience of the highest order for the photographer.
Pink and White Dahlia_119064
$300.00 - $450.00
Item # BO1035-01-OT
Elaine Radiss relishes photographing the wonders of nature in her own garden in the Berkshires.
Point Reyes, CA_119065
$300.00 - $450.00
Item # BO1036-01-OT
A sunrise walk in the dunes of Point Reyes, California is where Elaine Radiss captured the clouds creating beautiful shadows on the hills.
Purchase Knob, Smokies_119066
$300.00 - $450.00
Item # BO1037-01-OT
Elaine vividly remembers taking this shot at a photography workshop in the Smokies. Her group was given special access to Purchase Knob, a property in conservation. As they drove up the mountain, snow began to fall.in May!
Red Barn In Salisbury, CT_119067
$300.00 - $450.00
Item # BO1038-01-OT
Aren't we fortunate that Elaine photographed this barn when she did. The color is extraordinary and it's one of her favorite barn images. She has tried, with no luck, to find the barn again!
Reflections In Swift River, NH_119068
$300.00 - $450.00
Item # BO1039-01-OT
Reflections of the sky and the glow of autumn trees morph into flowing patterns and shapes in this photograph by Elaine Radiss at Swift River in New Hampshire.
Stoneybrook Farm, Great Barrington, MA_119069
$300.00 - $450.00
Item # BO1040-01-OT
Elaine Radiss has been photographing these barns near her home in every possible light and weather condition. To get this shot, the photographer ran out in her pajamas to capture them in an early morning snowfall.
Tigertail Butterfly_119070
$300.00 - $450.00
Item # BO1041-01-OT
When Elaine Radiss took this photograph in 2013, butterflies in her yard were so busy drinking nectar from the butterfly bush, they did not mind how close she got.
Zion National Park_119071
$300.00 - $450.00
Item # BO1043-01-OT
Photographer Elaine Radiss considers November in Zion National Park, when the cottonwoods are golden, to be the most beautiful time of the year there.
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