Daniel Bellow

As a teenager, Daniel Bellow's fascination with pottery often led him to ceramics studios, gallery openings, and MMOA exhibits. Later, under the tutelage of Tom White and Mary Risley, Daniel formally studied pottery. Today, working with clay from ancient mountaintops, Daniel sculpts each heirloom piece by hand on his potter's wheel.

Dan Bellow

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Coffee Mug_119167
Item # BO1126-01-OT
This is the latest in Dan Bellow's ceaseless quest to develop the perfect coffee mug! Earlier versions were a little too wide at the top, which made the coffee cool too fast. This latest iteration is taller and more slender. Holds 12 - 14 ounces of coffee, which experts agree is just the right amount.
Baby Cup_119168
Item # BO1127-01-OT
Little cups that hold a hardboiled egg, two shots of whiskey or a handful of violets from the garden. It's a tumbler shape in miniature, thrown from a golfball size piece of clay.
Tea Bowl_119169
Item # BO1128-01-OT
Every American potter does a piece based on the Japanese tea bowl, says Dan Bellow, because potters admire the ceramic traditions of Japan and their sophisciated appreciation of functional pottery. This is Dan's interpretation, in its fourth or fifth iteration. It's great for a steaming cup of hot liquid on a cold winter day. In summer, it holds 3 scoops of ice cream!
Item # BO1129-01-OT
Reduces a lemon or lime to juice and pulp in seconds, so you can get on with your margarita. A serious tool for bar or kitchen.
Dog Bowl_119171
Item # BO1130-01-OT
A classic shaped dog bowl. Potter Dan Bellow makes it a little heavy so "Ringo" won't break it in his enthusiasm to get to his food.
Oval Vase_119172
Item # BO1131-01-OT
Use this as a utensil jar to hold spoons on the kitchen counter or as a vase for flowers on the table.
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