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Join in on the celebration and Watch the video!

Saadia is escorted into the Shaadi banquet tent by her sisters, Nadia and Ayesha. Her elaborate (and heavy) outfit came from Pakistan and the choker was worn by her mother on her wedding day. The entire feast for over 200 people was prepared by Saadia's family, with her mother in the starring role!

We managed to get some of the family together for this shot. Saadia and Casey are seated on a love seat that was in my parents' house. Behind them are Casey's half brother, Michael; his father, David Rothstein; me, complete with tika on my forehead; Casey's half-sister Sarah Eustis and her ten-year old son Fred. Sarah and I are both wearing beautiful Pakistani ensembles provided by the bride's family. Temporarily AWOL are Sarah's husband, Timothy and older son, Henry; and my husband Lincoln and his son Morgan.

On Sunday, rain held off as Casey, Saadia,
musicians and family members made their
way down the wooded path to join the guests.

Alexander made an eloquent toast as Casey and Saadia, with her sister, looked on from their cushioned perch.

There was lots of dancing to a wonderful live band.

A joyful highlight was the traditional Jewish Hora, honoring the paternal side of Casey's family.

On the right is my cousin Tony, on the left is cousin Johnny, both sons of my mother's dear sisters, Zoa and Mary Ann.

We had an array of incredible cakes. The dahlia topper on the biggest one came from my garden! Saadia is wearing a necklace that was my mother's.

Lincoln and I had a lot to celebrate!

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