The Scoop Winter 2016

For decades, you, our Country Curtains customers,
have told us how much you enjoyed reading my mother, Jane's letters on page 2 of our catalogs.
There was always a picture and a snippit of news about the family. You often got back to us with comments and questions;
"What happened to the dog?" "Where's the husband?" Actually, you asked about the dog more frequently than the husbands!
The family has changed over the years in all the predictable ways: joyfully and tragically. Last year we experienced both,
beginning with the death in January of my sister Ann, after an 11-month struggle with metastasized lung cancer.
(No, she never smoked, and she was totally inspiring during her illness.) Her son Alexander, age 27, survives her.

In September, my son Casey celebrated his marriage to Saadia Khan.
He is 40, so you can imagine my joy when just about a year ago, he found a beautiful, kind, intelligent partner-in-life.
By clicking WEDDING NEWS you can see photos from their rustic country wedding weekend, combining
Pakistani traditions with a traditional Yankee hoedown. Most important, there were many original Saadia-Casey moments.

Personally, linking everything for the last few years has been my walk across America,
from Boston to the Oregon coast. About eight months is the normal time for a cross country hike.
However, at my age, responsibilities don't disappear and even though I've been a pretty effective delegator,
I found I needed to cover the ground in chunks of two weeks to two months.
You'll find a few highlights by clicking on NANCY TAKES A HIKE. It was truly a gratifying experience.

Thanks for your interest...
and, as always, for using our curtains and other products to create the home you love!

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