It all started in 1956 in Jane and Jack Fitzpatrick's dining room in Whitman, Massachusetts. The couple had been looking in stores for unbleached, ruffled muslin curtains like the ones they had grown up with in Vermont. Not able to find them but convinced that they weren't the only ones who would want this classic New England style for their traditional homes, they decided to have them made and sell them through the mail. Jane made the charming sketch for the first ad that Jack wrote. They arranged for fabrics and sewers. They placed the ad in The Boston Herald. Then they held their breath and waited.

Our Mission

To contribute joy, beauty and warmth to everyday home and family life.

Our Values


We are honest, fair, respectful, caring and understanding in our relationships with customers, our suppliers and with each other.


We are loyally dedicated to the continued, responsible success of Country Curtains.


We are the leaders in giving our time, talent and resources to our community, exercising our responsibilities of citizenship, and helping to create social and cultural opportunities that enrich both work and family life.


We are inspired by the positive, optimistic attitudes, the traditional, practical values, the work ethic, the sense of fun, and the high standards established by founders Jane and Jack Fitzpatrick.