Insulated Linen Lined & Interlined Grommet Patio Panel With Detachable Wand - 84L

Sku # 010152719
Item # 52719
Complete your rooms with our easy to hang grommet panels. Interlined and lined in flannel and microfiber for insulation and light control, the soft face fabric is a linen blend that is full of texture.

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Blue Linen Moss Natural Taupe
UNIT: per panel
  • 80" wide by 84" long per panel
  • Grommets measure 2-3/8" outside diameter with a 1-1/2" inside diameter
  • Space between each grommet is approximately 4-1/4" to 4-1/2"
  • Inner lining: 100% polyester flannel; outer lining: 100% polyester microfiber / comes w/detachable pull wand
  • 40% Polyester/37% Cotton/Linen
  • Imported
  • Machine Wash Or Dry Clean
  • Available in Linen, Moss, Natural or Taupe
  • Item # 52719
  • How to Measure information
  • Measuring & Selection Tips videos
  • Using a metal tape measure or a wooden yardstick, measure the width of the window area you would like to cover, typically from bracket to bracket
  • For proper fullness, order grommet curtains that are approximately double, even triple the width of the window area you would like to cover.
  • For even wider windows, choose an extra pair of regular width curtains/panels.
  • Grommet panel length is measured from the very top of the curtain (not the top of the grommet) to the bottom.
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Q: In what finish are the grommets? What is the diameter of their opening?
Asked : Jan 04, 2017 By : JANEL, United States

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Q: Sorry, my first question might not of been clear. I am looking for a soft, cream white verses a cool white. Do either the linen or natural color look like a soft cream white?
Asked : Nov 03, 2016 By : Hope, Fredericksburg, VA

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Q: My computer monitor shows the linen color looks lighter than the natural color. Do either one of those colors look like cream? That is what I hope to find. Thanks
Asked : Nov 02, 2016 By : Hope, Fredericksburg, VA

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Q: We do not want to use a center bracket. Which drape, with grommets, do you recommend? and which rod?
Asked : Jun 26, 2016 By : Marilyn, Menlo Park

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Q: Is the lining neutral?Condo requires they are
Asked : May 13, 2016 By : Pat, Evanston IL

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Q: What kind of curtain rod is recommended for these grommet top curtains for use on a sliding patio door? Can this be done without a center bracket?
Asked : Feb 11, 2016 By : Ginny, Rosemount, MN

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Q: Is there only 1 panel for $129
Asked : Nov 17, 2015 By : Nancy, Byron,IL

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Q: Just hung Country Curtains - Homespun Linen Lined Style 52719 DPLN. We have two small windows on either side of the fire place that need curtains. Are custom size curtains avail for Style 52719 DPLN? Thank You, W. Weigle
Asked : Sep 07, 2015 By : Bill, Solon, Ohio

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Q: I would like to potentially use 2 of these panels on a 99 inch wide window but they are too long (there is a baseboard heater along floor below the window). Can these panels be shortened by your hemming service?
Asked : Sep 06, 2015 By : TKS, Somers, CT

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Q: What diameter rod should be used with this patio panel?
Asked : Aug 30, 2015 By : SJ, Baltimore

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Customer Reviews

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(based on 9 reviews)

"Did not like these curtains. They were shorter than I expected and when closed it looked like I draped a blanket across my sliding glass door. Not enough material to make it look good when closed on a patio sliding glass door. I am returning them."
"Ordered 2 panels for my slider. Yes, I read the suggestions prior to ordering! They are plenty wide & long. I chose the Taupe which is a lot darker than I anticipated. Tonight I ordered 4 more panels for my other sliders and chose the Linen. If I like that color I will exchange my original order. Overall, very happy with these, they are well made though I was surprised to see they are imported. I received my order all the way across country in less a week with standard shipping! Thank you!!"
By Linda
Kingsport, TN
"Can't believe anyone would order 1 of these panels thinking it would cover a standard 70-72-in. wide slider. The picture should show 2 panels, but in their defense, if you read the section under "measure", you will see that you should order 2 to 3 times door width for proper fullness. "
By Mary
Seattle, WA
"Echoing the review below, do not believe the photo that is shown with this item -- you need TWO PANELS for a slider doorway although the photo looks like one will span the width. They do look nice when hung, but you need to plan for the fabric total to be almost twice as wide as the door opening. The pleats that result from the grommets take up a lot of the width of each panel. Don't order one and assume it will cover the whole slider."
By Joyce
"These are 80" across. That is the actual width. Working width is considerably narrower due to the grommet heading. My Andersen slider is 74" from edge of trim to edge of trim and this panel does not come close to covering the whole slider. Another 3' of actual width would probably do it. These are going back."