Insulated Lining - Pair

Sku # 01018000
Item # 8000
This free standing liner with Thermalsuede® backing is designed to hang behind your rod pocket curtain using a double rod or clip rings. It offers both light blocking and insulation value.

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$22.95 - $48.95
Insulated Lining
$22.95 - $48.95
UNIT: per pair
  • 84" wide per pair
  • 1-1/2" rod pocket
  • no heading
  • Cotton/Poly Blend
  • USA Made at our own Factory
  • The Insulated Lining will reduce light, and will help insulate against heat and cold, but are not 100% light blocking
  • Tiebacks available (sold separately)
  • If ordering the Insulated Tailored Wider Width Lining (listed above) these measure 100" wide per pair
  • Available in Soft White
  • Item # 8000
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Q: Will the 89"L liner panels be long enough for a 95 or 96"L curtain that will be over a patio door (double)? or will I need a longer liner?
Asked : Feb 02, 2017 By : c, Madison, MS

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Q: Is the new version made of thermal suede as well? Is it possible to see it online?
Asked : Nov 27, 2016 By : Chris, Midlothian, VA

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Q: What is the price for these curtains in an 84" length? thanks
Asked : Oct 31, 2016 By : Kerry, Medfield Ma

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Q: Where do you find clip rings? Can they be used with this curtain liner behind a relatively thin rod pocket curtain? thanks
Asked : Oct 31, 2016 By : Kerry, Medfield Ma

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Q: Is there no way to make these work with a grommet-top curtain? I don't want to use a double rod, and I see other companies that have options for hanging liners behind grommet curtains.
Asked : Jul 28, 2016 By : Caroline, Northfield

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Q: Two questions. 1) 84 inches per pair. So one of the pair would be 42 inches? 2) How would you use clip rings to hang these behind other curtains?
Asked : Jun 22, 2016 By : Sharon, Monroe, LA

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Asked : Jun 07, 2016 By : Martine, armonk, NY

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Q: Do these have hook fasteners to be hung from rings? (Not ring clips but the kind that hang pinch pleat curtains)
Asked : Mar 04, 2016 By : Danielle, Richmond, VA

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Q: Are the insulated linings heavy? How do they hang - very straight or not?
Asked : Mar 03, 2016 By : amy, Hudson, MA

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Q: What is the top of the curtain like. I can not see it in the picture.
Asked : Oct 19, 2015 By : RoeRoe, Middletown,ny

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Customer Reviews

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(based on 1 review)

By Marian
New Orleans, LA
"I live in an old house with several antique windows, including a "guillotine window" on the front of my old shotgun house. This old glass has no thermal value, as many other customers could tell you, and my living room could get very cold. I ordered a custom-sized liner (ouch) last year, and have never regretted it--It hangs behind the Ashford Silk curtains in my living room, and between the thermal lining and the silk, my living room is comfortable during our chillier months. Thank you!"
By Juliann
Salem, OR
"I needed something to block the bright sunlight near our computer and also provide a little insulation. These linings were perfect and as always, very well made."
"The insulated lining arrived yesterday, pressed and hung today. They are perfect for our new enclosed porch. They are a lovely creamy color. I do not know what I want in curtains or drapes as yet, need to think a bit for nine windows. I know you have tiebacks, but for the holidays, I am using a wide red ribbon, which actually makes them look festive. Thank you for the quality, and consistantcy with each pair. sincerely, Marywallis"
By Pat
Marble, NC
"I use these as under-curtains on my five east-facing windows. They do cut the light coming through in the morning, and helped tremendously in keeping out the cold this winter. My only suggestion is that I would have preferred the option of a pure white, instead of cream."
By Julie
Salem, OR
"I purchased these to hang behind the curtains in our computer room which is always cold and receives just a little too much morning light for screen viewing. As always, the quality is top notch. I am very happy with these linings."