Insulated Weaver's Cloth Pinch Pleats 96 W
Sku # 010772739b
Our easy to use pinch-pleated homespun curtains are backed with thermal acrylic to insulate your rooms against cold drafts and to keep heat out, as well as to block sunlight. Offered in various widths and lengths that accommodate windows of all sizes and patio-style doors.

Please note: All window treatments have a finished hem.

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$134.95 - $169.95
Gold Khaki Natural White
$134.95 - $169.95
UNIT: per pair
  • 96" wide per pair
  • 96" wide per pair has 22 pinch pleats per pair (11 per panel) and requires 26 drapery hooks (sold separately)
  • Insulated and backed with a paper-thin acrylic foam lining
  • Cotton/Polyester
  • USA Made of Imported Fabric
  • Machine Washable
  • Exclusive
  • Available in Gold, Khaki, Natural or White
  • To order a special length or width please call us. 1-800-456-0321, Toll-Free, 24/7.
  • Item # 72739
  • How to Measure information
  • Measuring & Selection Tips videos
  • Using a metal tape measure or a wooden yardstick, measure the width of the window area you would like to cover, typically from bracket to bracket.
  • Order pinch pleated curtains that are about 12 inches wider than the window area you would like to cover.

To achieve the look shown in the main image we used the following item(s):

  • Insulated Weaver’s Cloth Pinch Pleats 96 W
  • Decorative Traverse Rod
  • Scroll Finials for Decorative Traverse Rod
  • Drapery Slip On 4" Hooks (26 drapery hooks) for this 96" wide pinch pleat curtain
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Q: Do I need a three inch hook or a four inch hook for pinch pleat curtains # 70739 ?
Asked : Jul 30, 2015 By : Liz, Yarmouth,Maine

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Q: Are these drapes guaranteed not to shrink after washing? Will they need to be ironed?
Asked : Jul 23, 2015 By : Diane, Concord, NH

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Q: How many pinch pleats are there per panel in the 96" width, and how many pinch pleats per panel in the 72" width? Thank you.
Asked : May 17, 2015 By : Kath, South Bend, IN

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Q: Are these 100% made in USA, or are they imported fabric then cut and sewn in your factory? R/ Lester
Asked : Mar 27, 2015 By : Les, Chesapeake, VA

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Q: Can these be hung with a traverse rod?
Asked : Mar 26, 2015 By : Val, Kalamazoo, MI

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Q: My window is 70 inches wide, would I be better with 96 wide or 166 wide Insulated Weaver's Cloth Pinch Pleats
Asked : Feb 25, 2015 By : Virginia, Austin, TX

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Customer Reviews

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(based on 1 review)

By nancy coppol
tulsa, OK
"AMAZING- was unsure how these would look when I purchased them on line- I hung them along a double sliding glass door that is poorly insulated and for the first time in 2 years our home is now warm in the winter! Insulated fabric is fantastic, these curtain hang beautifully, fabric is top quality!"
"The insulated weavers cloth is nice and heavy. It drapes beautifully."
By Chelsea
St.Paul Park, MN
"beautiful combination of window and curtains"