Martha's Choice Bedspread

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Item # 05238
Woven of 100% cotton on historic looms in Maine, Martha's Choice will always be in style. Why not start a tradition in your home with this beautiful spread? Pair it with the coordinating pillow sham (sold separately) for a perfect match. Available in Blue, Green, Natural or White.

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$107.99 - $239.95
Green Natural White
$107.99 - $239.95
UNIT: each
  • Available in the following sizes:
  • Twin: 80" wide by 110" long
  • Double: 96" wide by 110" long
  • Queen: 102" wide by 116" long
  • King: 120" wide by 120" long
  • There is a 4" fringe that is included in the sizes listed
  • 100% Cotton
  • USA Made
  • Available in Blue, Green, Natural or White
  • Item # 05238
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Q: My twin beds are extra long with no foot board. Will the twin size fit or should I go to the next size larger.
Asked : Feb 21, 2017 By : Dottie, Pennsylvania

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Q: How can I shorten a king size spread. Queen is too small & king is too large. Ordered the king. This is for a tempur-pedic adjustable bed. Have 2 of them already & simply love them. They launder beautifully.
Asked : Dec 24, 2016 By : prunes, Somerset, KY

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Q: When are you going to return to selling the nice old Bates style spreads in ivory. The thick ones.
Asked : Oct 08, 2016 By : Suzanne, Danbury

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Q: Is this a regular bedspread? I do not something that has the corners hang out on the carpeting like so many quilt types do?
Asked : Sep 04, 2016 By : Daisy, Rogers, Minnesota

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Q: How much does the Queen size weigh? I have a comforter set that is getting just to heavy to make the bed every day. I am looking for something that weighs less that will make bed making easier.
Asked : Jun 20, 2016 By : Sharon, Center Valley

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Q: I need this in king size but my bed has a footboard. Is there a cut for the footboard?
Asked : Oct 10, 2015 By : Susan, Watertown

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Q: I have Ben Moore White Sand paint on my bedroom wall. It is a warm, creamy, very light beigey sand color. Would the neutral color or pure white color look best with the walls?
Asked : Jun 25, 2015 By : RK, cape cod

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Q: Can the queen size Martha spread be washed in a home washing machine (LG Front Loader) or is it too heavy and need to be done at the Laundromat in a heavy duty machine?
Asked : Jun 25, 2015 By : RK, cape cod

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Q: I have a four poster bed that is queen sized and relatively high off the floor. Should I purchase a queen size. Don't expect it to completely cover the side rails but don't want it to look skimpy. Thanks.
Asked : Feb 07, 2015 By : Celeste, Powell, tn

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Q: Love the rich cream/tan walls with the white Martha's Choice, Any suggestions for a few accent pillows and a throw,
Asked : Jan 08, 2015 By : Beth, Cincinnati, Ohio

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Customer Reviews

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(based on 2 reviews)

By Ron
Richmond, VA
"I bought two of these bedspreads (six years ago) for antique twin beds in one of my guest rooms, and they have been wonderful. My niece spilled soda on one and finger nail polish on the other one. They've really taken a beating from some of my family members and fit perfectly with no shrinkage or stretching due to multiple washing. I would highly recommend these bedspreads. I'm about to purchase one for my master bedroom and I'm certain it'll be just as great as the two I'm still using. You'll"
By Joanne
Chase, BC
"This bedspread is absolutely beautiful. Acceded my expectations ! Thanks for a first class product. Happy to support our neighbours to the south."
By Nancy
Charleston, WV
"This is a very beautiful bedspread. I bought it in the blue color and it is lovely! I love the fringe trim too! My mother bought this same bedspread twenty years ago from Country Curtains. She is still using it and it is still beautiful even after many washings over all those years."
By Judy Cooper
Shreveport, LA
"I recently remodeled my guest bedroom. Had to buy a new bed and some furniture. My mother-in-law owed a bedspread like this years ago, and the only location I have ever seen it was Country Curtains. I knew when I started this project the bedspread that would be perfect. is!! It is not too heavy, well made, and looks great! Thanks for quality work...and the fact that it was made in the USA makes me happy!!"
By Pat
Cross, SC
"I cannot tell you how far and wide and long I have searched for a REAL BEDSPREAD. All that is available are quilts and puffy bed toppers that require bedskirts. This bedspread is the real McCoy! I love it. So does my husband. The workmanship is quality through and through, and thank you Lord for something actually made in America. I am planning to order a second one in the early Spring so I can swap off for a different summer look. There are no negatives on this item. WE LOVE IT!"