Miracle Rod
Sku # 0303R710
A real problem solver . . . a rod that mounts easily on a metal window or door frame with strong magnets at each end, or on a flat surface with adhesive. Available in Clear.
Please note: Rods 48" or longer cannot be shipped Express or to Alaska, Hawaii or outside of the U.S.
UNIT: each
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  • This rod fits 1-1/2" rod pockets
  • Adjusts from 25" to 44"
  • Rod Projects 1-1/4"
  • There is a 2 pound weight limit (we recommend lightweight fabrics)
  • The magnetic bracket each measure 2-1/2" long by 1" wide
  • Please note the following:
  • If using this for a door, you can use two rods
  • This rod can be used on steel doors
  • Item # R710-25-CL
  • Rods 48" or longer cannot be shipped Express or to Alaska, Hawaii or outside of the U.S.
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Q: Is the magnetic bracket very noticeable? Is it silver or clear?
Asked : Nov 06, 2015 By : Maggie, New Orleans, LA

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Q: Will the adhesive hold up on a fiberglass door? It sounds like the adhesive is only a backup for the magnet on a metal door. Is there another option for a window treatment on a fiberglass door with only the top half having a window?
Asked : May 18, 2015 By : Jade, Palmer, MA

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Q: I just had a fiberglass Therma Tru-Door installed with two sidelights. Do these magnetic rods come in pairs or do I need to purchase four of them?
Asked : Mar 28, 2015 By : DLW, Frederick, MD

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Customer Reviews

Average Rating:
By Christine
Washington, NC
"I use the Miracle Rod for the adhesive side. I'm am elderly and cannot install normal rods. The rods with the adhesive do not hold well, have fallen down numerous times requiring me to get out a ladder and reapply the rods. The rods also break off sometimes when they fall to the floor. If I had a handyman to put up regular curtain rods I would go that route."
By Shirley
Howard, OH
"These magnetic rods are perfect for metal doors. We just put up a new entrance door and used these rods so we didn't have to drill. The magnet is very strong and they work very well! I highly recommend them for steel doors."
By Billie
Jacksonville, TX
"This rod is better than expected. I ordered it specifically because it had a back-up adhesive tab just in case the magnetic attachment was not strong enough. The magnetic tap is very strong and I didn't need the adhesive. Because it is clear, it is invisible in the rod pocket of the sheers I hung on it. A great choice!!"