Sturdy In-Tension Rods
Sku # 0303R839
Attractive heavy-duty spring tension rod may also be screw-mounted for permanent installation. Available in Black, Bronze, Pewter or White.
Please note: Rods 48" or longer cannot be shipped Express or to Alaska, Hawaii or outside of the U.S.
$29.95 - $49.95
Black Bronze Pewter White
$29.95 - $49.95
UNIT: each
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  • Rod is 3/4" in diameter and fits 1-1/2" rod pockets or larger
  • Available in the following sizes:
  • 18" to 30"
  • 30" to 52"
  • 52" to 90"
  • The ends of the rod needs 1-1/2" space for mounting
  • For wider windows, you can use the joiner (sold separately)
  • The joiner allows for connecting multiple rods, simply connect the rod ends (instead of the decorative end caps) and measures 2-3/8" by 1" oval, screws are included
  • Available in Black, Bronze, Pewter or White
  • Item # R839
  • Express delivery is not available for rods 48" or longer
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Q: Hi, It looks like the joiners come out from the wall 1.5 inches. Please confirm. If I purchase 2 joiners then I can screw the Sturdy In Tension Rod on the inner joiners and screw the ends on the outer sides. 35 inch rod. Will this hold ok? G
Asked : May 25, 2015 By : G, Toronto, Ontario

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Q: Hi, The bronze rod depicted on the website has a bracket ... I guess for mounting on the wall. How many inches from the wall does the rod sit. I want the curtain to be flushed as close to the wall as possible ... hopefully no more than an inch. Thx
Asked : May 24, 2015 By : G, Toronto, Ontario

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Q: I have a window with an inside measurement of 102 inches. I would like to hang a valance. How many rods and what sizes will I need? Do I also need a joiner and if so how many?
Asked : Apr 17, 2015 By : Debi, Auburn, NH

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Q: What size rod/rods do I need for 72" inside window width?
Asked : Apr 13, 2015 By : ew, Pensacola, FL

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Q: I have grommet curtains, will this support the weight of these type curtains without sagging in the middle, my window size is 70" ?
Asked : Mar 22, 2015 By : Gail, Pennsylvania

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Q: I have a window that is 64 inches wide, do I need a joiner for a pair of curtains to hang from the rod?
Asked : Mar 11, 2015 By : Moe, Clearwater, FL

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Q: I need to cover an area of 182" from wall to wall, can you tell me what size rod I need to buy and how many? also how many joiners do I need? One more thing is the Pewter like silver color?? Thanks.
Asked : Jan 28, 2015 By : Caro22, Cypress, TX

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Q: How much weight can these rods support? I purchased another rod and it was unable to hold the weight of the blackout curtains.
Asked : Dec 10, 2014 By : barb, Los Angeles CA

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Customer Reviews

Average Rating:
By Nancy
Columbus, OH
"The sturdy tension rods are high quality in every way. I am extremely satisfied with this purchase from Country Curtains."
"I love the tension rod. It's sturdy and holds my shower curtain and liner. I've tried others that were not made this well and the curtain would fall."
By Jeri Pearson
aurora, IL
"this rod and clip rings were very easy to install and of great quality as all items from Country curtains. Unfortunately, there was a fire in the condo 2 wks after we had installed and we lost it, however when we get our new home I will reorder to replace what we lost. thanks Jeri P."
By Susan
North Bend, OR
"My husband made some beautiful myrtle wood window frames. These work really nice without having to drill any holes."
"I'm pleased with the quality, but the tension spring is VERY, VERY tight, which makes them incredibly hard to install. I adjusted the width to just 1/2 inch wider than the space, but it was nearly impossible to compress the spring to get it to fit the space."