Sheffield Quiet Clip Rings

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Item # 9001-R2
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Antique Brass Antique Brown Black Cream Nickel
UNIT: per pkg. of 7
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  • The circular ring measures 1-1/4" in diameter
  • The clip on the end of the ring measures 1/2" in length
  • Total measurement from top of Clip Ring to bottom is 1-3/4"
  • This clip ring fits rods that are up to 3/4" in diameter (and is recommended for use with our Sheffield Adjustable Rod Set, sold separately)
  • Made with a polymer insert to reduce noise
  • There is a small loop to use with drapery hooks (sold separately)
  • Imported
  • Exclusive
  • Care: Clean with a dry or slightly damp cloth
  • Available in hand-finished Antique Brass, Antique Brown, Black, Cream or Nickel
  • Item # 9001-R2
  • We recommend a clip ring every 5-7 inches, however it is a matter of personal preference to use more or less, depending upon the look you are trying to achieve
  • In order to determine the number of clip rings needed, divide the width (in inches) of your curtain by either 5 or 7 inches (or how many inches apart you would like your clip rings to be spaced)
  • Example: if you would like the clip rings to be spaced every 5" and the width of the curtains measure a total of 80" wide per pair (80 divided by 5, gives you a total of 16 clip rings needed).
  • How to Measure information
  • Video Library: 3 Different Looks with Clip Rings
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Q: Do these work only for lightweight curtains like sheers and semi-sheers? I have blackout curtains with a liner in them. Do they clip firmly, or would the curtain likely slip out of the clip?
Asked : Oct 03, 2016 By : Christina, Maine

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Q: The description has a white ring available. The options for ordering have cream rings. If I need white, will these work?
Asked : Aug 21, 2016 By : Suz, Harpswell, ME

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Q: Can these rings be used with the decorative spring tension rods? Are the rods too thick?
Asked : Jun 25, 2016 By : Rickey, Catskill, NY

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Q: About how many inches of space do you suggest between mini clips?
Asked : Mar 17, 2016 By : Mary, New Berlin WI

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Q: Can these clips be used on a utility rod? I want to use them under a valance.
Asked : Jan 29, 2015 By : Pat, Boston, MA

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Q: With a 80" close should the Sheffield quiet clips be spaced?
Asked : Jan 24, 2015 By : terri, Asheville,nc

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Customer Reviews

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(based on 1 review)

By Janet
Denver, CO
"I opted to use these clip rings with my soft linen drapes instead of the rod pocket and they are just that - quiet. They glide easily, and I love how they look."
"These rings require but the gentle flick of one finger to put them in motion to glide smoothly down the rod."
By Ward
"They work fine and are very sturdy."
By Janet
Denver, CO
"I opted to use these quiet clips with my soft linen draperies instead of the rod pocket and am very happy with them. They are just that - quiet. I think they're great."
"This is a, great way to simplify hanging curtains. I ordered eight sets of clips on line. One of the clips was faulty and I'm trying to decide how to get just one more clip as a replacement. For now there is a safety pin doing the job."