Curtain Tender
Sku # 03129001
Extend your reach easily with our handy curtain tender, to open and close tab-top and clip ringed curtains with this graceful hook. Choose Antique Brown, Antique Gold, Black, Pewter or White.
$9.95 - $9.98
Antique Brass Antique Brown Black Cream Nickel
$9.95 - $9.98
UNIT: each
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  • 40" long
  • The hook measures 1-1/2" in diameter
  • This curtain tender is non-adjustable
  • Available in Antique Brass, Antique Brown, Black, Cream, Nickel or White
  • Item # 9001-01
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Q: Does this work with grommet type drapes?
Asked : Oct 23, 2015 By : Marla, Cottage Grove, WI

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Q: Is this tender and hook metal or wood? Will it work over a large wood grooved rod? Thanks
Asked : Feb 19, 2015 By : su, monroem,la

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Q: how much does this weigh?
Asked : Jan 26, 2015 By : jan, florence, wi

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Q: Will this curtain tender work with a 1 1/8 inch rod?
Asked : Jan 24, 2015 By : Kathy, Los Altos

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Customer Reviews

Average Rating:
By Honey
Uncertain, TX
"Handy & convenient. makes my life far easier."
By Evelyn
Tulsa, OK
"I wish I had gotten one of these years ago. I could use one that is about a foot longer too! Very clever tool."
By Gayla
Kyle, TX
"Could not do without it! Well, I could but I would have to stretch much farther and risk making my shoulder hurt to open and close my living room draperies every morning and evening. Wonderful device, helps me a whole lot!"
By Susan
Bakersfield, CA
"Through "chat" I was able to get the tender I have been looking for. Thank you for your courteous and reliable assistance. I'd rather use a tender than put the wear and soil on my curtains. I appreciate your follow through!"