Insulated Weaver's Cloth Corded Roller Shade
Sku # 040147739C
Our newest Insulated Weaver's Cloth is made with clutch style shade that includes brackets (which can be inside or outside mount). Made of our easy-care blend and bonded with a thin acrylic foam lining to keep heat in or out.

Please note the measurement of the shade: The overall shade width measures from tip to tip (bracket to bracket) with the fabric measuring 1-1/2" less than the overall shade width.
Brackets mounted to the inside can be adjusted to accommodate a shade that is up to 1" narrower than your inside window measurement.

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$46.95 - $69.95
Khaki Natural White
$46.95 - $69.95
UNIT: each
  • 72" long
  • This shade has a clutch assembly, end pin and bracket with screws (all included)
  • Overall shade width is measured from tip to tip (bracket to bracket); however; the shade fabric will measure 1-1/2" less than the overall total width.
  • For light control, we recommend an outside mount to reduce light from outside. This shade can be mounted as an inside or outside mount (hardware included)
  • Cotton/Polyester
  • Insulated with Acrylic Foam Backing
  • This shade is raised and lowered by the use of a cord, which cleanly attaches to woodwork.
  • USA Made
  • Exclusive
  • Machine Washable, Gentle And Line Dry (Iron On Face Fabric (Non-Acrylic Foam Side) Only)
  • Available in Khaki, Natural or White
  • Item # 47739C
  • How to Measure information
  • Measuring & Selection Tips videos
  • Overall shade width is measured from tip to tip (bracket to bracket); however; the shade fabric will measure 1-1/2" less than the overall total shade measurement.
  • Example: if you order a 29" width shade, the actual fabric measures 27-1/2" wide (which is 1-1/2" narrower than the total width of the 29" shade)
  • For more detailed installation instructions, please click Roller Shade Instructions
  • Shades of 48" wide or wider cannot be shipped Express or to Alaska, Hawaii or outside of the U.S.
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Q: What is the total drop measurement when the shade is fully rolled up? I have 2.25
Asked : Nov 20, 2015 By : jessica, weiser, idaho

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Not yet answered
Q: Can these shades be made any wider? I would need them to be about 44 inches wide. Thank you!
Asked : Oct 17, 2015 By : Laurie, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Q: If my window is 70" wide inside, can I mount two 34" shades side by side? Do they mount underneath the top of the window frame like your Roman Shades do? The window is only 60" high, too. Is that a problem?
Asked : Sep 25, 2015 By : Mel, Marietta, GA

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Q: Can the cord be installed either left or right?
Asked : Sep 03, 2015 By : Anita, Manahawkin, NJ

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Q: Does this shade provide privacy? I am looking for no see thru at all. Thanks.
Asked : Aug 24, 2015 By : pix, philly, pa

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Q: Are the replacement Plastic cord guides that mount on the lower window frame available? UV destroyed mine in 2 years.
Asked : Jul 29, 2015 By : Justme, Nashua NH

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Q: What does the depth of the window need to be for an inside mount so brackets fit?
Asked : Jun 14, 2015 By : Joe, Chatham, NJ

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Q: What does the cord look like ? Could you email me a picture of what the cord looks like attached to the wall?
Asked : Apr 30, 2015 By : DC, Philadelphia, PA

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Q: Is it possible for these shades to "top mount"? We have 4 windows that together make a bay window, but there is not enough depth in the frames for traditional interior or exterior mount. A top mount is our only option.
Asked : Apr 26, 2015 By : DIYdi, Burlington KY

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Q: How does the cord tension device work? There is a very strong spring and it appears that the center piece should move to either anchor or release the cord. When installed, the center piece cannot move. It isn't necessary so I ended up not using it.
Asked : Dec 13, 2014 By : Fiona, Olympia WA

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Customer Reviews

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(based on 3 reviews)

By Michelle
Iowa City, IA
"We ordered two of these for a bedroom and are quite please with them. They are tiny a bit wrinkled, but nothing too bad. We outside mounted them due to size constraints. I think they would have looked nicer inside mounted and wish they came in more sizes. I plan to add some curtains but these make a great base layer and look nice and fresh for a good price."
By Lori
"We bought 10 of these for our new house and love them. We move them up and down every day to keep the summer sun from baking us indoors. They operate smoothly, evenly and do not catch at all. Perhaps the reviewer who said they catch doesn't have a window sill wide enough to keep the cam from touching the shade because ours is about an inch away from it and its never been an issue. We also bought ring cord pulls for them (for looks only). They look awesome with those. Quality Product."
By Terry
Norwich, CT
"Originally bought regular roller shades that repeatedly had to be re-rolled because the spring mechanism stopped working. Country Curtains was wonderful about suggesting that I replace them with this 'new' cam driven corded shade. I live in an area where I need to roll the shades up and down every day to keep out the cold. These shades are not much better that the roller shades. The jam, roll up unevenly and the fabric catches on the cam shredding the edge. Would never buy again."
By Pamela
St. Louis, MO
"I love these shades. They are exactly what I was looking for, and they spot clean nicely too! We live in a century home and these work perfectly in the bathrooms, kitchen and front and back doors, and my husband said they were easy to install."
By judith
goldsboro, MD
"I already have some of these shades and bought more because I love them. Classic style and look."