Thermal Woven Cordless Roman Shade - Unbordered

Sku # 040248683
Item # 48683
Terrific texture and innovative, safe styling come together in our cane paper shade. Available with no border (Unbordered).

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$129.95 - $159.95
Sand Wheat
$129.95 - $159.95
UNIT: each
  • 63" long
  • When fully raised to the top, this shade has a top down measurment of 12"
  • The baffle-like design is totally cord-free
  • This shade can be mounted either on an inside or outside mount
  • For an inside mount, the brackets would screw into the top inside of the molding
  • The retracting fabric back is 100% polyester
  • This shade is lined with an light blocking acrylic foam liner which also helps with heat loss.
  • Woven paper
  • Imported
  • Available in Unbordered Sand or Wheat
  • Item # 48683
  • Shades of 48" wide or wider cannot be shipped Express or to Alaska, Hawaii or outside of the U.S.
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Q: I have these and love them time to replace but are too short. I need 72 inch length. Can you provide?
Asked : Jan 10, 2017 By : Di, Harrisburg, pa

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Q: My window is measuring almost 32 inches-- perhaps less than an 1/8th inch smaller, like 31 7/8 inches. If the window frame is even a fraction smaller than 32 inches do I have to worry about this 32 inch shade not fitting inside mount?
Asked : Nov 14, 2016 By : Jen, NH

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Q: With no cord, how does it work?
Asked : Jan 10, 2016 By : Vera, Augusta, GA

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Q: My window is only 34 inches long..will the 63 inch length be too long?
Asked : Jun 07, 2015 By : Karen, Olathe, Kansas

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Q: My windows are 34w and 36l each, but there are 3 connected to each other. Which size will fit?
Asked : Apr 18, 2015 By : sarah, portland,me

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Q: Having a hard time with the install. The L brackets do not match the picture from the install and we are having a hard time with the outside mount install. We also have molding that have a design so the l bracket does not sit 100% flush???
Asked : Jan 24, 2015 By : Becky, MA

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Q: If the measurement of the width of the inside window is 31 1/4 " is a 30 inch width shade too small or is the correct one to order a 32 inch? Is there some way to make adjustments for this situation?
Asked : Dec 29, 2014 By : pb, NY,NY

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Q: how to clean
Asked : Dec 09, 2014 By : joan, warrensburg ny

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Customer Reviews

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(based on 6 reviews)

By jene
"Love This Shade, looks perfect in my slate bathroom. Moves up and down easy. Very simple to install my husband says. I ordered the wheat. Shipped very fast, and comes with instructions. Highly Recommend "
"I did an inside mount and they were easy to install - just two screws in the top of the window frame. Right now, the shade protrudes about 2" from the window frame. Hopefully, it will relax with time. The edges have a raw, unfinished appearance but I'm installing panels over the shades so you won't see the edges. If I was installing just shades I would definitely get the bordered ones. My room gets the hot afternoon sun and these shades do make a difference."
By annie
"Love the style of these, but they are made of paper and are cheap looking. I have a whole house full of your woven roller shades as well as the ones from five years ago that you pull down by hand. THOSE are quality shades. I really wish this Roman shade was made of the same woven material as those in the color wheat. Need them for my family room."
By Kimberly
Stonington, CT
"I was skeptical on ordering these when I read they were made of "woven paper." Well I'm glad that I did. I purchased 3 in the color Sand for the master bedroom and they look great! They look very rich and the fabric backing helped the room stay warm. I recently ordered 2 more in the color Wheat. They are a little more room darkening and very stylish in the family room."
"So disappointed. In 2009, we bought the predecessor to this shade. It was a breeze to install, and was actually textured bamboo (not this faux paper stuff). When we moved, I wanted to buy the same thing and was disappointed to find it had been replaced by this. The installation is a nightmare and the hardware complete junk...took 45 minutes to install it, and then the bracket completely shows at the top. Please bring back the other one."